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Jul. 25th, 2016


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Galerians - Caged Birds

Chapter 1:


Characters: Lilia, Rion, others.

Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi

Details: Telepathy, when two minds were one. She and Rion had always been together; even when they were miles apart, he was there. Connected, they were one and the same, and Lilia believed that's how it'd always be. How wrong she was.

Theme: Gravity by Vienna Teng

Feb. 2nd, 2016




How dead is this community really? Looks like I am the first person to make a post regarding Galerians in a long time.

Nov. 10th, 2012



Galerians File.A Chap.2 Part 2

I really like the descriptions of Rion's empathic powers in this section - the author makes good use of them. Also, people die messily. Enjoy!


            White light flooded into the dimly lit data room. Eyes narrowed a bit against the glare, he took a step forward into a gray and metallic corridor that stretched away to his right. The only break in the monotony were numbers, red as blood, painted on the wall directly in front of him. He took another step, wobbling on his feet, focused completely on the far end of the corridor, trance-like. His eyes were drawn to it. There was a man dressed in white there. A researcher.

            "I can't believe this...how did you escape?" he muttered, shocked. His lab coat and his face as it contorted with alarm made revulsion well up in the boy, but not so sharply at this point as to summon up murderous malice along with it. He was preoccupied by the urge to leave this place and with getting his uncooperative feet in motion. Determined not to repeat the mistake he made in the data room, he pressed one hand to his forehead and never let his gaze leave the man as he staggeringly closed in. Whatever the researcher thought as he beheld this sight, when the researcher addressed him, the boy snapped out of his trance.

            "...Go back to the isolation ward."

            He spoke before he had even processed the meaning of the the man's words.


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Sep. 9th, 2012



Galerians File.A Chap.2 Part 1

I am so happy to have this posted, I feel so accomplished. Of course, if I was working on it more consistently I'd have more to be happy about. That's the goal. Anyway, you might end up feeling kind of sorry for this unlucky researcher by the time you finish this. I know I did.


Stage-B Rupture



            One sliding door opened in the data room of Michelangelo Memorial Hospital's Isolation Ward 5.

            The researcher turned to look, assuming that his absent colleague was back. But there was was no one in the room to his right. The door to the hallway was not even open.

            A droplet of cold sweat coursed down his back. He looked over his shoulder -- disbelieving, with all color drained from his face -- to the doorway that lead to the isolation room. A human figure was standing there. The mobile terminal that the researcher had been holding slipped from his grasp.

            He knew very well who it was. The one they called 'Subject GE-R3'. The one they called 'rabbit'. The boy they had strapped down and pumped full of drugs.

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May. 10th, 2012



Galerians File.A Chap.1 Part 4

I've had this sitting around ready to go for at least a month...and I'm so sorry! I'm also sorry to say that unless I get my hands on more material, this will be the last bit. Never mind, all set now. I've discovered that I was only a couple paragraphs shy of completing chapter one, so I've tacked them on.


  He didn't know what was going on. He had been pulled -- no -- thrown back into the real world, as if his scorched consciousness had been hooked and dragged to the surface -- and once he collected himself, the boy stood up.

  He felt like there was something he needed to do. Like there was something he needed to think about. But it was only a feeling; nothing came to mind. The inexplicable feverish madness raged through his body, causing a splitting headache, rattling his thoughts, but he no longer understood what he was experiencing.

  What's wrong with me...?

  With that as his sole thought, he reflexively cradled his aching head in his hands -- and then, finally, he realized. His hands shouldn't have been able to move at all, but they were touching his head.

  For a moment he didn't know what to think. Reeling under the force of all the things of which he couldn't make sense, he was rooted in place, stunned twice over. He was standing. Restrained by nothing.
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Jan. 16th, 2012

edit, smile


Just alittle something since i have been gone ^_^


Nov. 7th, 2011



Galerians File.A Chap.1 Part 3

Hello, good readers! Think it's about time for some action? Well, me too - not that I didn't enjoy this section. We're getting close, though.


  In Isolation Ward 5, where the experiments into the development of psychic powers were performed, the rule was that with each admittance of test subjects or personnel shift change, inspections were to be performed on the lab equipment.

  Today was-- 10/26/2522. 17:00 hours.

  The personnel change was carried out with nearly digital precision, and as usual, six staff members started checking the equipment. The restraints for the test subjects and the settings for the mental disruption soundwaves were checked with particular care.

  There was an incident once, in which a test subject in a different ward broke free and made a bloody mess of everyone present there. The consensus was that the head researcher had been negligent, because if he had been more mindful of the safety measures, such an incident would be unthinkable. Test subjects were bound with both computer-controlled electronic restraints and old-fashioned cuffs secured with bolts for the sake of redundancy. Snapping the super high strength Vidia alloy bolts would have been impossible even for the most psychically powerful test subject they had on record, and an action like unscrewing them, simply put, required more a more delicate touch than psychic powers afforded. Moreover, they never reached the level of concentration needed to use their powers thanks to the special disruption waves. With all these safety measures in place, why fear attack by a test subject?
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Sep. 25th, 2011



Galerians File.A Chap.1 Part 2

Another few pages for you. Took longer to get through than I expected, but see? I didn't leave you hanging forever.

  A line which moments ago had jumped at mad, sharp angles as if it forgotten what brainwaves were meant to look like was indeed getting closer to the wave-form it normally displayed. Turning to the simulscreen image of the subject, they could see his eyelids, so recently haunted by deathly shadows, twitching as the eyeballs beneath moved a dizzying pace.

  "Um, you don't think he..."

  "Can't be right...not with such a low Melatropin absorption. His brain activity is 10 times the normal levels."

  "At any rate, we need to report this to Director Lem."

  They nodded amongst themselves again; the fact that they had been considering having him vivisected was already gone from their minds.

  Even if he been awake then, the boy would not have realized how close he had come to the boundary between life and death.

  "...n't believe......miraculous......Dir......ow."

  A dense fog enveloped his mind, and his body felt numb. He simply looked up at the gray ceiling and glaring lighting, dimly aware of a burning sensation from an unknown source of heat.

  "...hear...? ...regain......conscious......"

  "......established itself......go..., just to......, wise to... ...sedate..."

  He was so drained that the voices and sounds buzzing around him failed to register in his consciousness. He had a feeling that there was something he needed to think about. Something he ought to be searching for. But as soon as he thought it, his brain ground to a halt. His mind and body and everything about him had been pushed to the limit. Lacking the strength to do anything, even think, he simply laid there as a tear coursed down his cheek.

  ...A remnant of a dream now lost to memory.
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Sep. 5th, 2011

welcome home rion


Galerians AMV

Hello, folks.  This is Kamesen here (on my Elsa account) to tell you that I finally finished a Galerians AMV I've been working on for a while.

Birdman is an asshole


Sep. 4th, 2011

Shelke Eyes


Hello! :D

Hi there!

I'm new to this community, but I've actually been into Galerians for about 10 years. My dad started playing the original when I was little, then I took over, got bored, then came back and discovered teh movie, and sequel, and everything else.

In my other fandoms, I do a lot of theorizing, so you can look forward to that from me. Can't wait to meet some other people!

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